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Dragoman offer adventurous holidays that inspire and enrich the lives of all that encounter the company.

Our mission is to be the “mzee” (Swahili for wise and respected elder) of adventure travel; the company everyone respects, aspires to work for, to travel with or to emulate.

Tribe Samburu Kenya

Specifically our core values are to:

  • Treat all people with respect
  • Respect local customs and culture. 
  • Provide safe trips for Dragoman staff and travellers. 
  • Educate travellers and our operators about how and why we choose to travel this way. 
  • Limit the negative impacts to daily lifestyles of local people not involved with Dragoman groups. 
  • Limit the physical impact of trips in all destination communities-particularly sensitive natural and cultural environments. 
  • Provide support to organisations and local communities visited by Dragoman groups. 
  • Provide enjoyable trips to Dragoman travellers. 
  • Provide opportunities for travellers to interact with local people. 
  • Ban leader and passenger participation in or endorsement of commercial sexual activities or illegal drug use on Dragoman trips. 
  • Discourage the participation of Dragoman groups in activities which exploit animals - wild or domestic. 
  • Use local operators that adhere to Dragoman's Responsible Travel Philosophies and provide the best possible service to Dragoman travellers and staff. 
  • Work to prevent the exploitation of children in tourism. 
  • Support and encourage fair employment practices. 
  • Actively reduce our carbon emissions wherever possible and offset the balance.
  • Use locally owned infrastructure for accommodation where possible. 
  • Spread the financial benefits amongst local people and operators. 
  • Always act with integrity
  • Be passionate about what we do
  • Encourage personal growth and support & encourage each other
  • Have fun
  • Operate ethically and responsibly - see our Responsible Travel page


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